Website relaunch and new cooperation with Challenge Heilbronn

The double lotto: We relaunch our website and announce our new cooperation with Challenge Heilbronn.

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Stephanie Päthe Stephanie Päthe 21. March 2019

We've been working behind the scenes for a long time, finally we can share this fabulous news with you: we finally made it: our website, one of the oldest elements of TIME2TRI, has been re-launched.

The website of TIME2TRI has been relaunched and is available in a new guise at

With this step we were able to check off a big point from our ToDo list, which hung on our necks for several months now.

The last task on our list, which is still missing, is the relaunch of our Knowledge Base, which will be completed shortly.

In a first step, all articles about news from TIME2TRI incl. New features have already been moved to our website - in the future the knowledge base will exclusively revolve around topics related to triathlon sports.

Our new website is under the old address in new splendor:

Attentive visitors to our new website may already have discovered it: the subitem of our pilot project and our new partnership with the hep CHALLENGE HEILBRONN powered by Audi .

After athletes and coaches TIME2TRI now also opens up to the last party in triathlon sport: the competition organizers - so that we can live up to our name "Triathlon Training PLATFORM".

With this new partnership, we are opening one of our features that was previously reserved only for coaches, for the general public: the TIME2TRI communities.

With the help of the communities, it is possible to focus athletes on specific areas of interest and to communicate with them in a closed circle of users.

For organizers this means: the training and the communication with the athletes can be collected in one place, events such as a track tour can be shared directly with the group, routes including track changes can be taken directly into the planning of the athletes and communicated. Also, the communication with the starters of the competition does not have to be done via multiple channels - email, Facebook, Instagram, website, etc. - it can be simplified and made more efficient.

Another special feature: all information about the competition as well as ad-hoc-news can be transmitted directly to your smartphone via push notification. So you always stay up to date on the race weekend!

Our popular TIME2TRI Overlays will also feature a special overlay for all starters of the hep CHALLENGE HEILBRONN powered by Audi, with which you can take your own community in the social media with you on the journey to your big day, the 19.05.2019 , You will find the overlays exclusively in our app as soon as you have joined the hep CHALLENGE HEILBRONN powered by Audi. We look forward to your pictures and your journey to the anniversary race!

All further features and information on the new cooperation can be found at .

We are very pleased about the new cooperation and the associated opportunities and would like to take this opportunity to thank the whole hep CHALLENGE HEILBRONN team powered by Audi, in particular Managing Director Kai Sauser for their confidence and great cooperation in recent weeks , For us, cooperation like this is a huge step and not a matter of course - we hope all the more that the pilot project will join forces to a full success.

Should you have any questions or do not find something: just shake your smartphone, then you will end up in our support chat!

Stephanie Päthe
CMO & Co-Founder TIME2TRI
Steffie is the woman for beautiful things. Because she loves good design and the special, she made her training plan until the birth of TIME2TRI still lack creative training software by hand. Steffie does not just make sport fun from the movement but also because she loves challenges. Apropos: Our creative loves the check-off of to-do lists and healthy food - their weak point, however, is the Ritter Sport factory outlet.

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