Surveys and availabilities - the updates from September 28, 2020

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Conducting surveys, time availability for better planning and the new community design now also for athletes. Everything in the latest updates from TIME2TRI Coach and Athlete.

Soeren Kroell Written by Soeren Kroell 28. September 2020

On September 28, 2020 we published updates for the web interfaces of TIME2TRI Coach and Athlete. Let's take a look at the most important innovations.

Time availabilities

(Web Athlete + Coach)

With time availabilities, athletes can store hour quotas and comments for a standard week. You can use it to give your coach information about what your weekly quota looks like and when, e.g. regular club training is scheduled or there are weekdays on which you cannot train as a general rule. Coaches can access the stored values and actively take them into account in their planning.

For athletes

In TIME2TRI Athlete for iOS and Android, the availability has been available since mid-September. Now athletes can also store these in the profile in the web interface.

Availabilities in the TIME2TRI Athlete web interface

For Coaches

Coaches can access the stored availabilities in two ways: in the athlete profile and in the training plan.

There is a new tab "Availabilities" in the athlete's profile. The days of the week and the time contingents or comments of the athlete are displayed behind it.

Availabilities in the athlete profile of TIME2TRI Coach

In the athlete's training plan, the allotment for the day of the week is automatically offset against the plans already made. For example, you can quickly see whether too much has been planned for a day.

If no availabilities are displayed here, the athlete has not yet entered any availabilities.

Availabilities in the training plan of TIME2TRI Coach


With this new function, athletes can currently only enter information on a standard week. However, we know that there can be deviations from these standards. Therefore, the function will be expanded next so that availabilities for individual weeks can also be overwritten.

As an alternative to this, changes in the availability can of course already be pointed out with appointments or daily comments.


(Web Athlete + Coach)

In communities it is now possible to create and answer surveys. These can currently only be created by coaches, everyone can vote.

To start a new survey, a coach must create a new post. There he can deposit a survey. Any number of questions can be asked, for which images can optionally be added.

If there are already votes, the result of the survey can be viewed in detail.

Community in a new design

(Web Athlete)

In August we already published a facelift of communities for TIME2TRI Coach, now this new design is also available in the TIME2TRI Athlete web interface.

Community facelift in TIME2TRI Athlete

Feedback welcome

We hope you enjoy this update and, as always, we look forward to any feedback! The release notes for the updates can be found on our support page for TIME2TRI Coach and Athlete as usual.

Soeren Kroell
CEO & Founder
If somebody is allowed to call TIME2TRI "his baby," it's Soeren. Without his thesis, the software would be just an airlock. His attention to detail is also reflected in TIME2TRI. Sporty "Daddy" goes with enthusiasm to its limits and beyond. Privately, Soeren is quick to get excited about good ideas. Only if someone wants to take away the MacBook, he is over with funny - he can even laugh about it less than neo-prohibition ...

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