Spikee HRV data and availabilities - Update Athlete App on September 17, 2020

18. September 2020 | Reading time: 2 Minuten

With the latest update of TIME2TRI Athlete for iOS and Android to version 2.3.0, we are bringing our new Spikee service to the TIME2TRI world for the first time. Furthermore, there is a new option to store your own availabilities.

Spikee meets TIME2TRI Athlete

Spikee users can now connect to their Spikee account in the TIME2TRI Athlete app and get access to their HRV morning measurements and their performance development. Once the connection has been established, the data provided by Spikee are available in various places.

New integration: Spikee

The most visually striking point is definitely on the dashboard. There is a new widget called "HRV performance development". Similar to the evaluation of the same name in Spikee, this widget shows how your own performance / fitness has developed in the last few months, provided that at least 30 morning measurements are available in the selected period.

By default, the development of the last 3 months is shown here starting from the current month. However, this period can also be freely configured.

New widget: HRV-Performance development

There is also the option of displaying all available HRV measurements. By tapping on a measurement, the details of the respective HRV morning measurement are displayed. From the fitness level reached to the heart rate curve and the individual values such as RMSSD, SDNN, etc.

HRV-Morning measurements in detail

But of course the corresponding HRV morning measurements are also displayed in the calendar on the respective day and can also be opened in detail.

HRV-Morning measurements in calendar


In addition to the new integration with Spikee, there is still a new function for storing your own availability. These can be opened and freely edited via the profile. An available quota of hours and additional comments can be stored for each weekday.

The athletes who work with a coach in TIME2TRI can give the coach information about what his weekly contingent looks like and when, e.g. regular club training is due or you cannot train at all.

Availabilities can be stored

Further information

Are you interested in the topic of HRV? Then take a look at the #HRV article series on our Knowledge Base or try Spikee for 3 weeks free of charge.

Soeren Kroell
CEO & Founder
If somebody is allowed to call TIME2TRI "his baby," it's Soeren. Without his thesis, the software would be just an airlock. His attention to detail is also reflected in TIME2TRI. Sporty "Daddy" goes with enthusiasm to its limits and beyond. Privately, Soeren is quick to get excited about good ideas. Only if someone wants to take away the MacBook, he is over with funny - he can even laugh about it less than neo-prohibition ...

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