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Do you still remember my review of the Wirk + Koch + Buch? The book that Jan Frodeno once pronounced as his personal book of the year?

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Stephanie Päthe Stephanie Päthe 16. May 2019

Do you still remember my review of the Wirk + Koch + Buch ? The book that Jan Frodeno once pronounced as his personal book of the year? Just over three years ago, I met Daniel, one of the authors, at the Triathlon Convention in Langen personally and hung on his lips, while he completely disassembled my newly acquired knowledge of nutrition and reassembled it.

Over the past three years, I have recommended the Wirk + Koch + book to countless acquaintances, friends and strangers, and have always received outstanding feedback. At the same time, I knew that Daniel had even more to do - he was looking for a natural, innovative product for us humans that would work in the opposite direction of common nutritional supplements and sports nutrition products. His product was above all one thing: appropriate to the species.

"We are very pleased to present you today with art'gerecht a new partner."

We are very happy to introduce you to a new partner today. You guessed it already: Daniels search was successful. I was very excited when I received the call: "come over and look at it - the idea has become a reality!". After a personal presentation of the products, a really long conversation and a subsequent test phase on my own body, I am 100% convinced that I have found the best nutritional partner with probably the best approach we could wish for. Just in time for the start of art'gerecht there will also be an art'gerecht triathlon team in the 2019 season, which includes the professional athletes Andi Dreitz, Florian Angert and Jana Uderstadt.

Athletes of art'gerecht
The art'gerecht triathlon team: Florian Angert, Jana Uderstadt and Andi Dreitz

Surely you will now ask yourself: what exactly does art'gerecht actually? Here comes the official press release of the revolution.

art'gerecht - BE HUMAN The Code to Perform

Everyone is different and yet we are all the same: Genetically speaking, we are still living in the transition from water to land, near the equator as a collector, fisherman and hunter. Our art'gerecht concept is based on the knowledge that every living being is reserved for a species-appropriate way of life. We combine in-depth knowledge of exercise, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, meaningfully supplemented by natural, innovative products from highly concentrated foods. Especially in (competitive) sports our approach is reflected, because we decode the code, how humans work, in order to achieve a better performance. The three professional triathletes Florian Angert, Andreas Dreitz and Jana Uderstadt are convinced of our concept and will be accompanied and supported by us this season. Although we are a young company as a species, our vision is one big one: being HUMAN in a way that unites our mission and our values in one. Our goal is to enable people who rely on natural solutions to lead a healthy and species-appropriate life. art'gerecht sees itself as a center of knowledge for a species-appropriate lifestyle in order to inform and motivate people to integrate it into their everyday lives, explains company founder Daniel Reheis. Where millions of years of evolution meet state-of-the-art technology, we find inspiration for new ideas and for our products. Art'gerecht does not stand for a back to the roots, but for the combination of the best of two worlds. "

We crack the "code" for better performance

With the help of science, we can decode how a human works and how it performs better, because the common evolution of plants, animals and humans has firmly anchored in our genes what building blocks the organism needs. We used to be on the move as hunter-gatherers. In the course of evolution, however, our everyday life has been transformed more and more by cultural and industrial influences from this original lifestyle. That's why sport today offers the best opportunity to exercise and exercise. Especially in competitive sports, the targeted combination of exercise and nutrition as well as a strong immune system are crucial for success. We do not want to be the next company selling nutritional supplements to get people fit. art'gerecht offers hacks and recommendations that help athletes to get fitter themselves, explains Daniel Reheis. Our products made from highly concentrated, high-quality and natural raw materials, which have been firmly anchored in our biological blueprint since the beginning of our evolution, close the gap between species-appropriate nutrition and dietary supplements. Unique: All raw materials come from natural, biological or wildly collected sources. We are not smarter than nature. Therefore, we keep the complete mixture of active ingredients in our species-appropriate combinations. In order to spread our conviction and enthusiasm for a healthy lifestyle in sports, we are already working together with different partners, athletes and clubs from the fields of football, ice hockey, tennis, basketball, mass sports / fitness, crossfit and now also triathlon. The professional triathletes Florian Angert, Andreas Dreitz and Jana Uderstadt are convinced of our concept and can therefore be advised, supported and supported by our sports expert team this season.

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Get to know art'gerecht!

Dear Ones - I hope you trust our judgment, especially in terms of nutrition, so much that you have now become curious and welcome the team of art'gerecht with open arms in the triathlon world. Together with the team of art'gerecht we will in the coming weeks and months, the topic of nutrition from scratch roll up and take under the microscope. We will put myths to the test, engage with the basics of nutrition, bring you new insights and ways of thinking, and above all, answer your questions about nutrition. Follow art'gerecht on her Instagram channel , learn more about the products and always stay up to date! On the website of art'gerecht you will find a selection of their products. Psssst: If you use our coupon code TIME2TRI on your first order in art'gerecht online store , you will receive 10% discount on your first order.

Stephanie Päthe
CMO & Co-Founder TIME2TRI
Steffie is the woman for beautiful things. Because she loves good design and the special, she made her training plan until the birth of TIME2TRI still lack creative training software by hand. Steffie does not just make sport fun from the movement but also because she loves challenges. Apropos: Our creative loves the check-off of to-do lists and healthy food - their weak point, however, is the Ritter Sport factory outlet.

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