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HRV software Spikee becomes part of TIME2TRI

09. March 2020 | Reading time: 2 Minuten

We are pleased to announce that the Spikee software service is now part of TIME2TRI and is expanding our platform with HRV-controlled analysis and fitness functions.

The HRV tool Spikee uses artificial intelligence to calculate individual indicators for relaxation, stress, fitness and performance development from various data. Measurements are taken with commercially available sports watches and chest straps. The Spikee analyzes are carried out in the web browser, on tablets or smartphones. As a professional training and fitness analysis tool, Spikee's goal is to understand the body better, to overcome one's own limits and to continuously improve performance in endurance and professional sports.

Another area of application is the healthcare industry, since regular monitoring of the HRV parameters enables a wide variety of diseases to be identified at an early stage.

Experienced coaches like Dan Lorang and Utz Brenner trust Spikee's HRV measurements to look after their athletes.

The software is based on medical standards and parameters that cannot be compared with general calculations and categorizations of other providers. Even for people of the same age with a similar training history and training status, the parameters can vary by a factor of 10. Spikee is characterized by the fact that it learns individual models from the data of the respective person. HRV measurements can only be meaningfully classified and interpreted in the context of these individual models.

Fitness analysis in Spikee

We are pleased to be able to provide our users with Spikee, another extensive and analytical tool for training planning and control. With TIME2TRI we have created a platform in the past years that is already used by a large and constantly growing community of coaches and athletes in the endurance scene. In this context, Spikee represents a significant enrichment of the planning and analysis functions for our users.

Over the next few months, we will continuously integrate Spikee's functionality and benefits into TIME2TRI. For example, coaches who look after several athletes with HRV can access the athletes data centrally via our coach software and take them into account immediately in further planning. Spikee as an independent service should continue to exist in 2020.

Soeren Kroell
CEO & Founder
If somebody is allowed to call TIME2TRI "his baby," it's Soeren. Without his thesis, the software would be just an airlock. His attention to detail is also reflected in TIME2TRI. Sporty "Daddy" goes with enthusiasm to its limits and beyond. Privately, Soeren is quick to get excited about good ideas. Only if someone wants to take away the MacBook, he is over with funny - he can even laugh about it less than neo-prohibition ...

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